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Whilst the landline (0115 9131333) is still in use, it is RARELY answered -

Please use the mobile number - It costs the same to you as any mobile call - no matter where I am in the World.

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Back-to-original Paintwork  and reproduction decals

Check out the "Bike Colours" page for H1 H2 and all other Stripe kits and Decals

Now here is a minefield if ever there was one!  Rick Brett has been involved with the repainting of Kawasaki’s for around 20 years now. Over the years he has commissioned many of the UK’s top painters to restore “Triples” paintwork back to original. There have been so many trials and tribulations over the years that a whole book could be devoted to the subject.  

RB’s can now claim some of the top show winning bikes in Europe amongst their customers: virtually every triple to win a major show in the UK was painted via RB’s. This accolade has not come easily.  

The most renowned “motorcycle paintwork specialists” in the U.K. now charge around  £520 + tax!  For this you get your original bodywork sanded down and repainted as quickly as possible for maximum profits! Paint specialists can repaint a “plastic fantastic” in less than a day: they then throw some decals on and charge £1,000! Why on earth should they waste their time with painting a time consuming job like a triple? At RB’s however we pride ourselves on quality. Bodywork is paint stripped and then glass blasted back to bare metal, from there it is painted by experts to show-winning standards and guess what ? it is still less expensive than the Big Boys!  


I recently had a guy turn up on a H2 that he had spent THOUSANDS of pounds restoring, I asked him where he got the graphics from? "off Ebay . . . why, are they wrong?"    They were indeed VERY wrong, he had paid the same price as we sell them for in the U.K. but PLUS shipping and Import duties, so he had in fact paid £20+ more than they would have cost him from us, not only that but the £500 he had paid for the respray was down the drain, I gave him a set of the CORRECT decals out of sympathy . . .. but he still had to bite the bullet and have it resprayed again . .

Check out our bike colours page Bike colours - if you don't see it then ask, we also do all the frame decals including the VIN tags (headstock stickers)

Our colour is always correct. Why? Because we hold the largest stock of original colour matches in Europe!

DSCF3274.JPG (147287 bytes)


Here are some examples - click the picture for a close up:

paint6.jpg (63636 bytes) z111.JPG (40558 bytes) paint2.jpg (64070 bytes) paint3.jpg (73737 bytes)
H2pp.JPG (85868 bytes) paint5.jpg (57730 bytes) paint7.jpg (41660 bytes) h1111.JPG (32232 bytes)
Hhh.JPG (41181 bytes) Hhhhh.JPG (44983 bytes) h2aa.JPG (48507 bytes)
kh4.JPG (57228 bytes) S3bb.JPG (64525 bytes) h2a.JPG (58531 bytes) S1.JPG (42977 bytes)


The graphics produced by RB's are so accurate that we even build in the quite appalling faults in the original graphics - note the not-so-smooth lines of this 350 decal: as original!
If you have a pal that can spray or if you fancy having a go yourself then we have the best stocks of accurate decal sets for the triples! Again, click for a close-up. Frame decals and headstock identity labels are also available from RB’s. Decals.JPG (458648 bytes) denco1.JPG (16622 bytes)
We can also make decals to ANY specification - this particular "gel" sidepanel was made to fit a "Millyard special" H2

decal.JPG (42931 bytes) v12.JPG (46712 bytes)

wpe35.gif (13176 bytes) Wirges1.JPG (15283 bytes)
Frame decal sets, either in full sets or single decals. For the Z1, Z1a, Z1b, Z900, H1, H1a, H1b, H1e, KH500, H2, H2a, H2b, H2c. Z1fr.JPG (79768 bytes) h1fr.JPG (53585 bytes)
VIN tags for the headstock are special order and cost £10.00 each. head id.JPG (37548 bytes) H2fr.JPG (66790 bytes)
Brake master cylinder cap decal £2.50

Kawasaki Race team decal £5.00


KH400 Ignition Box decal £3.00


L R C tag set  £3.50

mcc.JPG (65159 bytes)

krr.JPG (28364 bytes)

kh4.JPG (46941 bytes)


lrc.JPG (44716 bytes)


Kawasaki paintwork can vary by many different shades, there was very little manufacturing consistency in the early 1970's. Decals were fitted to tanks at different angles, and often different decals by different manufacturers were fitted. The colours of body panels would vary by many different shades depending on when the bodywork was made, it was also common practice for the factory to respray new tanks to a different colour! I have seen for example, an Orange S2a tank that was resprayed by the factory to S2a Blue.

Here is an example of Three New Old Stock H2c petrol tanks:


ALL New and ALL different shades of Purple.





Not only were the shades of paint different but also the type of fuel tank was often different. Many fuel tanks from later models were sprayed at the factory for a direct replacement for an earlier model. The Blue 1972 H2 is a prime example.

In 1973 the original supply of H2 tanks was exhausted and the factory then sprayed a batch of tanks from the H2a (with the locking fuel cap) in the 1972 Blue H2 colours, In 1974 if you wished to buy a 1972 Blue h2 tank you would have been sold a 1974 H2b tank but painted in the colours of the 1972 Blue bike. Basically it is possible to have 3 types of Genuine factory petrol tanks with three different types of fuel cap.

There is also One final anomaly,  in 1973 the factory produced a batch of fuel tanks (only?) with the similar stripes to the S2a - I can only assume that this was a total mistake by someone, my own theory is that someone in the paint department confused a batch of H2a tanks with a batch of S2a tanks - these tanks were then sold off at a discount - the problem was that as far as I am aware there were never any tail units produced for the H2 with the S2a graphics.


It is impossible to produce graphics for of the models of triple, the H1e & H1d are a prime example, the central colour band comes around the rear of the tank and it is very difficult to get a decal to replicate this as the decal creases badly when it is formed around the rear, therefore, Kawasaki Hand painted ALL H1d & H1e stripes onto the tank, if you look underneath the rear of an original tank you will see the original marks from the original line masks. As these stripes were always painted on if is VERY common for the dimensions of the band to vary this band width can vary as much as 3cm!!! Here are a couple of typical examples, a little extreme perhaps but both are original paint.